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After months of development and almost a decade of dedicated Odoo infrastructure development, Odoo Consultants is proud to launch its own Odoo hosting platform for small and medium business. Finally a dedicated hosting for the Odoo Community Edition of your choice (8, 9, 10, 11, 12) starting from 150 000,00 IDR / month:

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  • Free automated backups

150 000,00 IDR / month for the first 3 pre-registered users

Odoo performance issues?

Odoo partner Indonesia: the dangers of open-source  wasting months, years, and money

Middle and large size businesses have been targeted by so-called “ERP consultants” more or less affiliated to the Odoo Indonesia Partner program for a few years now in Jakarta and Indonesia as a whole. From my own private experience, less than half of the projects I have been called-in to try fix were finished. In most cases, implementation schedule was long time expired while the budget was already partly or entirely spent.

Bugs, crashes, instability: faulty code and/or implementation

The initial idea was to deploy Odoo because it was a lot cheaper and more flexible than Standard ERPs or even accounting sytems (SAP, ACCURATE etc…). But after pickng an Odoo partner Indonesia , the result was too often a huge unusable mess and a pure financial loss. I see unfinished implementations on a weekly basis and most of the time, the drama is: It cannot be fixed because original analysis was faulty or absent and too much data has already been input and moved around to no avail.

Amateurism leading to project failure and damaging Odoo reputation

Because ERP covers ALL domains of the enterprise, the appointed Odoo partner Indonesia consultant must be an expert in the following: Accounting, Finance, Logistics, Warehousing, Production etc… not mentioning Business Workflow, and most importantly, Linux systems expetise. I see too much amateurism: people with total lack of knowledge selling Odoo solutions with no idea of the disastrous consequences for the businesses they target.

After almost two decades of ERP, security and WEB consulting world-wide, I decided to settle in Jakarta. I consulted for large businesses, banks, governments and armies. This blog is containing a non-exhaustive list of advice, tweaks, recommendations, codes, scripts that will help you optimize that great Odoo Platform and the system that runs it! I have seen too much drama and incompetence around Odoo. So, if you consider using Odoo for yourslef or one of your clients,  subscribe to our free newsletter or click below !

  • Unoptimized
  • Optimized

Global performance implies expertise in all domains

Performance issues are the result of a lack of understanding from most Odoo implementers. Ask your implementers to eplain and setup properly the postgreSQL configuration along with Write Ahead Log, Toast, planner constraints and multi-concurrency… and you will soon realize they have no clue about 90% of the settings.

The consequence is months of work and budget ending up with an Odoo system that is hardly usable.

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