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Odoo Consultants Jakarta founder: who I am and what I do?

I am an independant Odoo Consultant Jakarta based surrounded with a team of local and International professional consultants. I have been dealing with database-driven systems implementation, Network filtering R&D, government solutions deployment as well as Project manager in the creation and implementation of modules over SCO, AS/400, Microsoft and Linux Platforms. I am acquainted and expert in SAGE, SAP, CEGID, API, EBP and CIEL. Regarding the SME market, I have developped solutions around MySQL, CBASE, ORACLE, PervasiveSQL, Microsoft SQL using ODBC or native connectors as well as PHP, ASP and web-based servers. I have 20 years of experience in the SME market covering international and national Accounting & Finance, Business workflow covering CRM, Purchasing, Sales, Warehousing, Manufacturing & Production.

Why you should consult with us

20 years of International expertise

Because Experience does make a difference. ERP extends way beyond computer and IT knowledge and impacts on your business must not be under-estimated.

An international corporate business culture

Each country and each business have their own methods and procedures. We have that culture since we have been confronted with all kinds of industries and trades world-wide.

Present in Jakarta and Indonesia

We know from experience that off-shore consulting has limitations. A real quality ERP consuilting service must be carried out side by side with the client. This is why we are Jakarta based and are focussing on the Indonesian market as a whole.

Odoo Consultants Jakarta Philosophy

We have no prejudice on education, race, culture or religion. We work side by side with all kinds of people who have different qualities. Some are highly degreed from prestigious universities while others are pure autodidacts. At Odoo Consultants Jakarta, we appreciate talent whenever it crosses our path. On a more private level, I have been working for 20 years and I do appreciate learning something new almost every day.

Our vision in a few words

  • @ Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

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