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Before you head for an Odoo implementation, make sure you have chosen the right technologies, the right partners and have a realistic strategy. Our team can assist you in securing each step and keep you on the safe path to a successful implementation.[

Most of the time, the systems and implementations we audit are set on default mode. Implementers leave things this way because they think it will give more security or stability to the solution they deliver to their clients and also because they do not know how to dig into the advances features of Odoo, Python, PostgreSQL or even Linux to make things work. This is a major mistake. Linux, PostgreSQL and Odoo are all open-source environments. This means their defaults need to be configured and optimized properly.

it is quite sad to say but most of our clients were companies who were already in trouble with an unfinished implementation and had no support at all. At Odoo Consultants Jakarta, we believe a solution without professional and responsive support is doomed to failure.

The competence we have as Odoo Indonesia partners

We’re a small, friendly and talented team. Odoo Indonesia is our main focus since we are Jakarta based. Every member of our odoo Indonesia partners team has spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience on Odoo (Open-ERP)

Linux 90%
Network Security 80%
Python 95%
Accounting and Finance 89%
Business Workflow 96%

ERP is a difficult science indeed. I have seen lots of implementations done with many different products world-wide with more or less successful outcomes.

Odoo has the great advantage of being not only open-source but also “not compiled” since it is running on a python engine. This means it can be modified in any kind of way. Same goes with the templating using XML and Qweb.

Nevetheless, there what I call Good and Bad practices. Source code, modules, Python, API… all these are solutions but quality of the results as well as the durability of the solutions obtained can varry quite a lot and give many unexpected results depending on how modifications and additional elements are made.

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