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800 clients / 2500 interlocutors / 850 product references (+ up to 12 different options per product)

How to handle Odoo with product assembly and sub_items without resorting to MRP and heavy manufacturing processes? How to handle product options, assembly and spare parts without using BOMs and a heavy logic? This is the challenge we met with Axurbain whose core business is somewhere in the middle between semi-finished goods transformation and distribution.

odoo with product assembly

We integrated the following for AXURBAIN:

  • CRM
  • sales
  • Warehousing
  • Purchasing
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Advanced IFRS compliant & French DGFIP compliant reporting

Odoo with product assembly functions implied to reshuffle product profile, types, definitions and variants to integrate:

  • Definition of a product and a sub-product
  • Enumeraion of sub-products in one-to-one and one-to-many relationships
  • Extension of product options from sales to warehousing and purchasing.
  • Mandatory Project Approach for Sales

SALES was customized to integrate:

  • Calculation of PACK or COMBINED products sales price using list prices of all sub-components in real-time
  • Project relation as Mandatory to allow future analysis of costs and profits/loss per project.
  • Redefined Discount integration with link to accounting.
  • Redefined financial discount with link to accounting.
  • Addition of an extra “PROFORMA in Quotation” feature allowing to issue proformas without committing with account moves.

PURCHASING was customized to integrate:

  • Product options being passed onwards from Sales into Draft Purchase Orders
  • New Just “In Time logic” modifying the push/pull rules and forbidding orders to be grouped by supplier but compelling the system to generate 1 Purchase Order per Validated Sales Order with link of the two.
  • Integration of Supplier and third party reference and lead time aligned with expected delivery dates.

ACOUNTING was customized to integrate:

  • New Partners / account pull system for inputing account move lines.
  • Creation of a fully functional Bank Reconciliation module integrating:
    • Previous bank balance integration in opening entries.
    • Calculation of Gap to justify between bank reckoning and accounting journal amounts per period
    • Production of a full featured report pointing out the reconciled and unreconciled movements
    • Marking of reconciled entries
  • Customization of Financial reports to allow N- comparisons
  • Addition of reconciliation code in all mandatory reports.