Odoo data size limits

Following this past years of Odoo Implementation, we had the opportunity to consult with many large clients whose data has now grown beyond expectation…. and we had to handle Odoo data size limits.From the Odoo perspective, expansion of database size is most of the time always hitting the same tables in Sales, Stock and Invoicing as well as Accounting. This is aggravated by the following facts:

All detail lines including in Acconting are per product.Perpetual costing implies a large number of stock moves since every transaction is tracked per product as well.

According to the business size and the amount of transactions, the […] Read more

Odoo performance with 8, 9, 10 & 11 and PostgreSQL 9.6

With the arrival of PostgreSQL 9,6, Odoo performance can now benefit from parallel query functions. From the PostgreSQL side, this is excellent news because this means many SELECT queries operated by the Odoo ORM can be run faster than they used to be. On the paper, the advantages are:

Faster query results (PostgreSQL claim up to 32x faster than on previous versions such as 9.5)
Improvement in GIN, BRIN and B-tree Indexing modes.
Better Row compression

Yet, when one looks at Odoo performance, one must understand that Odoo does not have capacity to use these very efficiently since the above imply two major factors […] Read more

Big data Odoo optimization

Big data Odoo optimization

Big data Odoo optimization is a very serious issue indeed. Because Odoo can be provided to big companies, this also implies that they will use the system extensively and that goes in pairs with a very fast and sustained data growth. Obviously, the most impacted standard tables will be the ones we call the “_lines” tables such as: sales_order_line ; account_move_line ; stock_move_line etc….etc….

The issue

To evaluate the impact of generic data growth on these tables, let’s imagine a standard company with 10 branches and 2 accounting persons validating 100 invoices each per open day. Let’s be fair and set the […] Read more

Before installing Odoo

Last week, we recived the following enquiry:


We are an odoo official partner and we are interested to have a right technical implementation more secure and with performance for odoo.
How you can help us.
What we search is a Document or a user manual to configure and setup odoo and secure it.


And here is our reply, since this is something you should do before installing Odoo :

To be honest with you, I have been implementing data management infrastructures for almost 2 decades now and I am still learning every day. One thing you must understand about Odoo is that it is using […] Read more

How is Odoo better than Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One?

How is Odoo better than Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One?

Odoo better than Microsoft Dynamics or SAP? Why?

There are many reasons why Odoo is becoming the number one downloaded, implemented and used ERP platform in the world.  Whether it is from the functional or technical point of view, here are the reasons why  Odoo better than Microsoft Dynamics or SAP;

Real time process – it can be accessed everywhere at any time due to its web based interface
Faster communication. Because it can be accessed from anywhere, it makes communication faster within the departments.
No special hardware and no installation. You can start entryingyour data into the software from any computer as long as […] Read more

Odoo and PostgreSQL 9.5

Odoo and PostgreSQL 9.5

Odoo and PostgreSQL 9.5: a good or a bad idea?

After weeks of testing and benching Odoo and PostgreSQL 9.5, we have come to the following conclusion: PostgreSQL 9.5 (which comes out of the box with new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) gives an excellent stability and performance.

Nevertheless, the PostGreSQL was slightly mofidied and some parameters we used to tweak in the previous version are now purely and simply gone. Others on the other hand have been added.

For example, checkpoint_segments is no longer being used and should be removed from the configuration.

On the other hand, max_wal_size has been added and shoud be setup […] Read more

Odoo 9 community or enterprise

Odoo 9 community or enterprise

Is Odoo 9 community enough out of the box?

Odoo 9 comunity is still new on the market and following 8, which end up being an excellent platform. But what are the major differences between 8 and 9?




Community v9
Enterprise v9

Required hardware
from 2 CPU / 2 RAM
from 2 CPU / 2 RAM

The same load balancing
The same load balancing

The same modular architecture
The same modular architecture

Community and Store Apps
Can install any module
Can install any module

Enterprise Apps
Not available
Included in the package

The same localizations
The same localizations

Requires more customization
Includes nice UI and more functionality

Access Rights
The same configuration
The same configuration

Standard interface
Nice and fast navigation

Support and Upgrades
Not included
Included by […] Read more


Odoo FIFO LIFO : which system will fit your inventory and warehouse?


“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”

Mae West

Odoo FIFO LIFO possibility is a crucual point. Great logistics help your company to edge out the competition. It’s all about making sure your products are in the right place at the right time so your company is the one customers flock to. Warehouses may not seem like the most important or glamorous places, but warehouse management is the backbone of logistics. And, you may not have given it much thought, but […] Read more

Odoo or SAP ERP?

Odoo or SAP ERP ? If you are not an IT related person, you might be amazing what ODOO is . ?

Odoo is nothing but a suite of open-source business apps written in Python programming language and was released under the AGPL license . Odoo is the leading open source solution . The previous name of Odoo is Open ERP ( until May 2014 ) . The main Odoo components are the server , 260 core modules and around 4000 + community modules it does possess . Odoo has no licensing cost .

Odoo is a popular business suite for any […] Read more