Before installing Odoo

Last week, we recived the following enquiry:


We are an odoo official partner and we are interested to have a right technical implementation more secure and with performance for odoo.
How you can help us.
What we search is a Document or a user manual to configure and setup odoo and secure it.


And here is our reply, since this is something you should do before installing Odoo :

To be honest with you, I have been implementing data management infrastructures for almost 2 decades now and I am still learning every day. One thing you must understand about Odoo is that it is using […] Read more

Check your Odoo setup in 3 stages

Check your Odoo setup in 3 stages

Check your Odoo implementation

If your implementation was done correctly, your system should not only run very fast but also be very stable. If this is not the case, it is great time to check your Odoo implementation. This means the technical deployment of either Odoo and / or PostGreSQL was not done properly. Before choosing a partner, have you followed the “BE SAFE” recommendations?

If you have not, you already ahving bugs, error messages, server restarts et…. etc… This is the common lot of unexperienced implementations. Now it is time to cross-check your implementation. You can easily do so by checking […] Read more

Pgbouncer Odoo

Why will pgbouncer save you?

Because out of the box, Odoo is using standard postGreSQL which is unable to kill ids idle connections.

For that reason, whoever is going to production with multi-user configuration needs pgbouncer to be setup and running. Why? Because PostreSQL keeps opening new connections for Odoo but never closes them. They are kept idle and saturate memory until either the maximum number of allowed connections OR the memory runs out.

The more users you have …. and the more workers and threads you get…. and the faster the problem occurs.

As a typical example, for a server being used by […] Read more

Odoo postgreSQL on a VM

Odoo postgreSQL on a VM

Although the official position is to avoid installing Odoo on a VM, I found out over the years that PostgreSQL had improved a whole lot since version 9.2 and it was not foolish to consider a VM under Vsphere as a potential candidate for a production environment.

Odoo & postgreSQL inside a VM

vPostgres 9.2 inherits all the performance improvements made in PostgreSQL 9.2 from upstream and features good out-of-box performance in most situations. vSphere is known for great out-of-box performance for common enterprise workloads. As a result, we refer to the performance best practices for vSphere and PostgreSQL for general performance […] Read more