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Implement Odoo Indonesia: ERP expertise is hard to find

Before you can trust a consultant or a company to provide you with a decent Odoo implementation…

Here is a list of the basic requirements necessary to provide a decent Odoo ERP implementation. My advice is: if the potential candidates cannot comply with these basic requirements, just run away: that will save you a lot of trouble.

  • Must have a solid knowledge in Linux and Debian systems deployment, administration and maintainance.
  • Must be familiar with PostgreSQL environment and engine maintainance and optimization.
  • Has a solid knowledge on accounting principles, Financial reports, Tax rules and account types.
  • Understands the business process and rules of Purchasing, Sales, Warehousing, HR, asset management and production.
  • Must be capable of providing a full first level Gap of Analysis before schedule or pricing can be made.
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Our ERP Indonesia Implementation Expertise

Implementing ERP must follow a few basic rules and guidelines. here are a few things you must understand before contacting us for a customized system:


[wt_service_box separator=”” separator_2=”” default_icon=”yes” separator_3=”” icon=”fa-spinner” icon_color=”#960082″ title=”Getting a realistic proposal”]It is impossible to make a realistic quotation and schedule of implementation witout a minimal Gap of Analysis. This pre-consultation stage is tedious, long, time consuming and absolutely mandatory for us to understand your business and come up with a realistic ERP offer in phase with a realistic budget. DO NOT ASK for a customized ERP system if you do not have time or resource to spend and a real project ongoing. We will need to spend minimum 2 to 8 days of consultation to sketch the first level Gap of Analysis. This service is free but it is also a lot of work to provide on our side. Please, respect that work.  [/wt_service_box]
[wt_service_box separator=”” separator_2=”” default_icon=”yes” separator_3=”” icon=”fa-spinner” icon_color=”#960082″ title=”Pricing and schedule”]It is impossible for us to provide a realistic pricing as long the first stage has not been fully completed. Budgets can stretch from 3.000 USD to 80.000 USD in average depending on the complexity of the required customizations and the size of the project. In a few cases, standard modules can be adjusted and customized. For a few other cases, modules must be built entirely from scatch…. or the workflow must be changed entirely… and this is a lot of work. We can be 2 consultants or a team of  6 depending on the project requirements and complexity. For information, our project implementation schedules streth from 2 weeks to 12 months. Our longest was 18 months. [/wt_service_box]
[wt_service_box separator=”” separator_2=”” default_icon=”yes” separator_3=”” icon=”fa-spinner” icon_color=”#960082″ title=”Training and maintainance”]After implementation has been completed and data has been integrated, training is an essential step. This is also time consuming and you must not under-estimate the impact on human resource. After the training has been provided and the ERP is fully functional, we can either train your IT staff to maintain and troubleshoot the system or offer you a maintenance contract. We have 2 kinds of contract with 2 levels of support. Everything depends on your needs and the level of competence of your staff.  [/wt_service_box]