Odoo Hosting Services in Indonesia

Our Odoo Hosting Services in Indonesia are a simple reply to one specific issue: Indonesia is one of the unique countries in the world where International and Local bandwidths have been split. For this reason, using an off-shore provider for an Odoo ERP based system can become critical:

  • Slow response time.
  • Packet loss.
  • Limited data bandwidth

Our Odoo hosting sevices in Indonesia are Jakarta based. This allows us to provide an almost unlimited bandwisth coupled with a very good Ping / response time.

Environment Management

  • N+1 redundant system precision HVAC environment control units
  • Down-blower / soundproof room
  • Regular preventive care with no down-time
  • Monitoring of the center for all devices / equipment in all areas of Data Center 7 x 24 hours per week

Power Management

  • Dual power supply feed from the state electric grid (feeder sub-stations separately)
  • Automatic generator that supplies 150% power and major facilities
  • Full on-line UPS system
  • The battery is 10 minutes with a capacity of 100%
  • Internal power grid of 500kVA
  • Distribution of local through PDU for each area of ​​co-location
  • Supply of AC by 10 amp/220v for every one rack
  • 3-phase supply
  • Housing for UPS deployed equipment available on request

Raised floor infrastructures

  • The floor is elevated with a foundation of reinforced concrete floor panels Size 60cmx60cm
  • Floor load capacity of 600 kg / m2
  • Line cable distribution made by international specifications