30 Jul

Odoo and PostgreSQL 9.5

Odoo and PostgreSQL 9.5: a good or a bad idea?

After weeks of testing and benching Odoo and PostgreSQL 9.5, we have come to the following conclusion: PostgreSQL 9.5 (which comes out of the box with new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) gives an excellent stability and performance.

Nevertheless, the PostGreSQL was slightly mofidied and some parameters we used to tweak in the previous version are now purely and simply gone. Others on the other hand have been added.

For example, checkpoint_segments is no longer being used and should be removed from the configuration.

On the other hand, max_wal_size has been added and shoud be setup before going to production.

If you consider BIG data implementation or are penalized by database size an weight, you should read this dedicated post to Big Data.