02 Aug

How is Odoo better than Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One?

Odoo better than Microsoft Dynamics or SAP? Why?

There are many reasons why Odoo is becoming the number one downloaded, implemented and used ERP platform in the world.  Whether it is from the functional or technical point of view, here are the reasons why  Odoo better than Microsoft Dynamics or SAP;

  • Real time process – it can be accessed everywhere at any time due to its web based interface
  • Faster communication. Because it can be accessed from anywhere, it makes communication faster within the departments.
  • No special hardware and no installation. You can start entryingyour data into the software from any computer as long as there is internet connectivity.
  • Based on modern and up-to-date technologies. This platform is continually updated and is refreshed with new modules every year because [email protected] manages the platform.
  • Odoo has many modules because it is developed by developers around the world.
  • Unlike other ERP platforms, you get the license for free. Thus, you get a bigger portion of your budget for implementation and customization, which is the core process of ERP implementation in which you need to focus on. You do not need to pay yearly license fee such as in the case of SAP or Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Easily Integrated. Having and operatinga disintegrated ERP system in your company is highly challenging, especially when it comes to issues with data consistency. With Odoo, your modules are in integrated one place. People from the different departments are working on one system using one master data, which does not only result in efficiency but also data consistency.