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General Questions

How much do you think we should spend on an Odoo implementation?

It all depends on your SOP complexity and how many modules and functions you want to use. All in all I have seen bedgets going from 100.000.000,00 IDR to 1.500.000.000,00 IDR and more.

How long should implementation last?

Directly linked with the above question: all depends on your requirements, corporate size and how far your SOP is from the standard Odoo functionalities. Your staff capacity to understand the system and follow training is also crucial. It can last between 2 weeks to 18 months for the biggest projects.

Is Odoo worth the effort compared to other solutions?

Absolutely. It is open-source, web-based (therefore compatible with all platforms and devices), resilient to connection interruption, usable locally and from a distance, can provide an unlimited number of users, can grow almost infinitely since it is relying on PostGreSQL database technology. Moreover, Odoo is using Python which is a great efficient, synthetic programming language. It can be customized  with almost no limits. From a purely technical point of view, Odoo is the future of local and cloud-based ERP.

Is the system stable and reliable?

Stability and reliability are qualities of the open-source original code. Yet, Odoo out of the box needs to be setup and fitted according to the server and platform and modules you will use. Linux, PostGreSQL and the Odoo system are  very complex environments. Installing them by just downloading and letting everything by default is a major mistake. This is why it is absolutely mandatory that pre-configuration and installation be carried out by people having a solid background and experience in Linux and PostGreSQL system admin and customization.

Would you recomment Windows or Linux for implementating a production solution?

You will find more information regarding this in our technical blog. But to make it short, Linux will give far better results in terms of performance and reliability, not speaking of the data growth issue.

What is the life cycle of my product? When and how should I upgrade it later on?

This all depends on your actual needs. I recommend to keep a system minimum 5 years in order to make the best of the initial implementation investment. But it may be kept for a longer period of time. There is no obligation to upgrade to newer versions. It all depends on the functionalities and evolutions you may be interested in.

Online Questions

Can we train our IT staff to Odoo? Can he become a specialist?

It is recommended to train your staff to managing, running, backuping and maintaining your Odoo system since you will be left alone with the solution after implementation has been carried out. Yet, I would recommend you do not expect much more. Being competent with Odoo requires not only a full time Odoo dedicated schedule but also a very solid knowledge in theoretical fields such as Accounting, Finance, Analytic accounting, Taxes, Warehousing, Cost of Good valuation, Push and Pull rules, etc… etc…  That person should also be proficient in Python programming and have full knowledge of the Odoo API, the database structure, Odoo ORM, XML and so many more.

What is the Odoo version you recommend right now?

Odoo 8 is the most stable, improved and supported right now. You can find it here Do not run 9 if you want to have a production environment.

Is Odoo adapted to the Indonesian business?

Odoo is adapted to all countries indeed. That includes Indonesia. And yet, many modifications have to be made to fit the requirements of the Indonesian Tax system (PPn, etc…)

Working With Our Team

Can you fix the project if the situation has gone beyond control?

The AUDIT package will help you reply that question. Some situations cannot be saved and it is time to cut your loss and either abandon or appoint someone competent to finish the job with whatever budget you have left. Some situations just need to be fixed and we can bring the necessary mediation or complementary knowlegde to disentangle the situation.

How do we know you are competent and it is worth the money?

If you call us in, it will be around a table,by your side, facing the situation and tackling the issues one by one. You may attend every session (it is indeed highly recommended) and see for yourself. After almost 20 years of experience in ERP systems and working with many brands and platforms on 3 continents, I do not pretend to know everything, but I believe the knowlegde I acquired has already saved many situations and can help fix yours.

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