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Welcome to our techBlog and Odoo module Indonesia thread

This blog and archives deal with Odoo module Indonesia oriented codes and advice. All these contents and Odoo module codes are free and available for copy and download. Some was made by us or by others. Some was modified by us or by others and vice-versa. Each content is adapted to specific situations. Some of this code is specifically adapted to Indonesia. Do NOT use this unless you exactly know what you are doing… As a programmer, freelancer, you are welcome to contact us to become member and upload your own findings.

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Odoo API performance: the power of PostgreSQL

Why talk about Odoo API performance? Along these past years, we have witnessed an increasing number of requirements from customers to open their Odoo environments to dedicated and third-party systems by using the Odoo API system and XML-RPC Odoo APi interface. When contemplating the Odoo performance of the API, one quickly realizes that it cannot [...]

Odoo data size limits

Following this past years of Odoo Implementation, we had the opportunity to consult with many large clients whose data has now grown beyond expectation…. and we had to handle Odoo data size limits.From the Odoo perspective, expansion of database size is most of the time always hitting the same tables in Sales, Stock and Invoicing as […]

Odoo Road Show 2018

This Friday May 4th 2018, Odoo consultants were present at the Odoo Road show in Hotel Le Meridien – Jakarta. An opportunity for you to discover the new features of Odoo 11 and meet our team. We wanted to thank you for your visit.

Odoo performance with 8, 9, 10 & 11 and PostgreSQL 9.6

With the arrival of PostgreSQL 9,6, Odoo performance can now benefit from parallel query functions. From the PostgreSQL side, this is excellent news because this means many SELECT queries operated by the Odoo ORM can be run faster than they used to be. On the paper, the advantages are: Faster query results (PostgreSQL claim up […]

Big data Odoo optimization

Big data Odoo optimization is a very serious issue indeed. Because Odoo can be provided to big companies, this also implies that they will use the system extensively and that goes in pairs with a very fast and sustained data growth. Obviously, the most impacted standard tables will be the ones we call the “_lines” […]

Odoo virtual memory on VM

Odoo virtual memory on VM is a critical issue. Why? Although datacnters are now thriving with VM instances, one has to keep in mind that Odoo was originally designed to be implemented on physical systems. Among the main differences, one must keep in mind that all VMs (Virtual Machines), droplets, instances and other emulated environments […]

Odoo security with Fail2ban

Odoo security with Fail2ban is the result of my collaboration with Cyril Jacquier to the Fail2ban project. Through my implementations and throughout the life-cycle of an Odoo system, I have been confronted like so many system administrators with login attacks. Since Odoo is an online web-based ERP, nothing is easier than injecting POST requests and […]

Before installing Odoo

Last week, we recived the following enquiry:   We are an odoo official partner and we are interested to have a right technical implementation more secure and with performance for odoo. How you can help us. What we search is a Document or a user manual to configure and setup odoo and secure it.   […]

How is Odoo better than Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One?

Odoo better than Microsoft Dynamics or SAP? Why? There are many reasons why Odoo is becoming the number one downloaded, implemented and used ERP platform in the world.  Whether it is from the functional or technical point of view, here are the reasons why  Odoo better than Microsoft Dynamics or SAP; Real time process – it […]

Odoo and PostgreSQL 9.5

Odoo and PostgreSQL 9.5: a good or a bad idea? After weeks of testing and benching Odoo and PostgreSQL 9.5, we have come to the following conclusion: PostgreSQL 9.5 (which comes out of the box with new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) gives an excellent stability and performance. Nevertheless, the PostGreSQL was slightly mofidied and some parameters […]

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