Improve your Odoo PostgreSQL performance

Improve your Odoo PostgreSQL performance

You probably have noticed already that Odoo and PostgreSQL are installed in separate packages. That should give you the following clue:


The standard PostgreSQL installation is neither optimized for your hardware not for your Odoo


Before you move into running PostgreSQL with your Odoo and through Python-driven requests, here is a list of the things you should do to give your system a real chance to run decently:


PostgreSQL logging

Be generous with logging; it’s very low-impact on the system
Locations for logs are better managed by syslog.
Just use:

log_destination = ‘csvlog’

log_directory = ‘pg_log’



Start low: 32-64MB
Look for ‘temporary file’ lines in logs
set to 2-3x the largest […] Read more

Odoo accounting setup

Odoo accounting setup

Odoo accounting setup can be done in many different ways.

If your installation is “new”and your client doesn’t have any requirement regading the Chart of Account, the easiest way would be to:

Use the standard COA provided with the Odoo accounting setup.
Complement it manually wth your extra needs.

Yet, if your client wants to integrate his own Chat of accounts because he is familiar with it by mere corporate culture or because it is so big that inputing manually would be a great waste of time, then, you merely have two different alternatives:

Odoo accounting setup using CSV: The following required fields will be […] Read more