25 Aug


At the request of AETRA AIR TANGERANG (http://www.aetra.co.id/) in Jakarta (Banten) Indonesia.

Fixing and Improvement of full ERP solution covering around 80 000 account receivables spread over the Banten province :

  • Handling mass billing and accounting entries in big volumes (6 000 000 entries per year).
  • Advanced integration of Oracle CCNB billing into Odoo
  • Data re-segmentation and active partitioning.
  • Customized RFQ / purchasing multi-level approval flow.
  • Recomposition of fiscal and Tax rules to handle automatically the specifics of government regulated Withholding taxes.
  • Redeployment of infrastructures from scratch.
  • Deployment of specific security related measures (SSL / encryption / Reverse-proxying / Fail2ban integration).
  • Advanced Analytic implementation on expenses / purchasing.
  • Specific advanced Level 2 technical training for internal team knowledge improvement

Project manager / Aquatico Group: Benny Susilo