12 Oct


At the request of  MERCEDEZ BENZ direct importer in Manila Philippines because of stability and operational issues

Deployment of specific physical server architecture with the following profile:

  • Deployment of specific high-end VM for heavy duty
  • Re-implementation of entire system and architecture
  • Specific Fail2ban and layer 2 security implementation
  • Optimization of data and database
  • Revision of aggregation and Indexing modes
  • PostgreSQL optimization for large data manipulation scope.
  • Inserts of triggers and automated partitioning.
  • Specific backup procedures

Project manager / IT: Emerson Champ

Special client email:

Today is first day of going live. Finally!
Cannot fully express the fortune, satisfaction, and gratitude of having gone through your services.
Fortune because of having stumbled on your site while searching for something different – fail2ban implementation and configuration.
Satisfaction because of the wholistic, end to end integration, and complete approach rather than isolated fixes.
Gratitude because of sharing knowledge and experiences far beyond the scope of work. And for so much consideration in making complicated stuff easy to understand. Traveling alone to a country famous for beheading foreign nationals would be another.
Today is Christmas on the 22nd of December. =D
Happy holidays and best wishes to you and your family!!!